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Mission Statement

"Provide a safe, fun, and affordable environment for the beginner, hobbyist, and future stars of Motorsports to fulfill their racing dreams"



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2010 Class Structure-IKF & SKUSA

Ø All IKF classes will be run under IKF class guidelines
Ø There will be a 3 race restriction rule for all new drivers
 KIDS KART: see IKF specs (age 5-9) / 135-160 lbs / *open tires 4.5/4.5
JUNIOR 1: (age 8-11), K-80 comer @ 225lbs / Yamaha KT-100s w/red .600 restrictor @ 225 lbs/
Parilla 60cc gazelle @ 235lbs / cadet chassis / MG red or YHC tires 4.5/4.5
JUNIOR SPORTSMAN: (age 12-15), Yamaha KT-100s/ rlv box ybx / @ 280 lbs / MG red or YJL tires
KT-100 LIGHT: (age 16-up), Yamaha KT-100 / rlv L2 pipe / wet clutch / @ 330 lbs/ MG red or YJL
tires 4.5/7.1
KT- 100 Heavy: (16–up), Yamaha KT100 / rlv r2 pipe / wet clutch / @390 lbs / MG red or yjl tire 4.5
SUPER SPORTSMAN: (age 16-up),Yamaha KT-100s / rlv ssx-v @ 345 lbs / MG red or YJL tires
Ø All SKUSA classes will be run under SKUSA class guidelines
Ø Drivers participating in any SKUSA classes will be current SKUSA members or
join SKUSA (no exceptions).
Ø All SKUSA class drivers will be licensed (no exceptions).
Ø Class integration for new drivers in SKUSA classes as follows….
Any new drivers with no class experienced will have to be signed off by the board and race director before competing in any SKUSA classes.
Ø There will be a 3 race restriction rule in place for new drivers in SKUSA classes.
TAG JUNIOR: (age 12-15), 125cc electric start / @ 320 lbs / MG spec tire. 4.5/7.1
TAG SENIOR: (age 15-up )(under 15 race directors discretion), 125 cc electric start
345lbs. PRD Fireball
355 lbs. class B engines; Leopard, Rotax, BM Jaguar, Vortex Rok
375 lbs. Easykart, Motori 7, Rok TT
385 lbs, class A engines; Comer, Sonic TX, Italsistem; no 4 strokes
/ MG spec tire 4.5/7.1 all classes
K1: age 14-up, 80/85 cc moto / 360 w/o front brakes / 370 with front brakes / MG spec tire 4.5/7.1
S5: (age 12-15), 125 cc restricted spec Honda / @ 340 lbs / MG spec tire 4.5/7.1
S1-Pro: (age 15-up), 125 cc spec Honda / @385 lbs / MG spec tire 4.5/7.1
S2-Semi Pro: (age 15-up) /125cc spec Honda / @ 395lbs / MG spec tire 4.5/7.1
S4: (age 30-up) (or driver weight of 200lbs), 125cc spec Honda / @ 405 lbs / MG spec tire 4.5/7.1
G1: (age 30-up), 125cc ICC and MOTO / @ 405lbs, (CIK tech rules apply to this class)
/ MG spec tire 4.5/7.1



Points System within Club

  • Points  for Club sponsored Races
  • Points  for non-Club Races
  • Combined Points
  • National Points – TAG, ROTAX, Others
  • The “Who cares about Points” just race for fun folks